Monitor OpenVPN server with Docker

If you have OpenVPN server with multiple clients, you might need to monitor the clients location, bandwidth usage or other informations.
There are many OpenVPN monitoring tools out there but today I will show you my favorite one, furlongm/openvpn-monitor; which is easy to configure, open source web based monitoring tool.

How to install OpenLiteSpeed, PHP 7.3, MySQL on Debian 7/8 and CentOS 7

OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, scalable, open-source Web Server developed by ┬áLitespeed technologies. It is apache drop-in replacement as it can be replaced apache web server without any major change. OpenLiteSpeed contains all the essential features right out of the box from LiteSpeed web server. In WordPress, OpenLiteSpeed along with LSCache plugin is the best choice …